Jixel Patterns | Scripts & Clothes



First established in December 2021, JixelPatterns at the time was only an idea, a nagging thought from some of Jim's closest friends after being an unpaid dev for many months. That month he released his first script a comprehensive RP-based replacement script to enhance the server's quality of life with the Mechanic Job. 

From there "JixelPatterns" came to life and has progressed exponentially more than ever thought! 

What can we offer you?

• Comprehensive QB-Core-based scripts 

              • 18 paid scripts ranging from restaurants to utility

              • 11 Free scripts ranging from skateboards to mining

• Easy drag & drop install

• Very active support team & helpful community!

• Clothes to start coming very soon!

If you are interested in anything that we can provide you then please join our discord, read through our Terms of Service, and browse our shop!

TEBEX (paid  scripts)


GITHUB (free scripts)

DISCORD (Support & Community)