V2 SendIt Dragstrip

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Discover the Ultimate YMAP Dragstrip at Sandy Airfield - Experience the Thrill of High-Octane Racing! Looking for a dynamic and immersive drag racing experience? Our YMAP presents a layout of a versatile dragstrip at Sandy Airfield. Unlike other YMAPs that depict a permanent dragstrip, we offer a unique design that gives the appearance of a scene that can easily be set up and taken down for added realism. Whether you want to drag race one night or host an air show the next, our YMAP provides the perfect backdrop for a dynamic racing scene. Get your engines revved and experience the ultimate dragstrip today!  

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  • Complete Track With Sandtrap To Stop Crashes At the Finish
  • Tents For Prepping / Repairing Cars Before Race (No Script, RPing It Out)
  • Staging Lanes
  • Concessions / Vendor Locations
  • Announcement / DJ Stage ( This location is set up with a screen to use CS-HALL resources by: Critical Scripts )


  • Extended end of the track to help for higher speeds. (Tested at top speeds of 350 mph)
  • Added barriers to keep exit traffic off the drag strip
  • Added custom Dino props. You can use a resource like the (Handling Laptop + Dy By: Wizating)
  • Config included for resource ( CT_DragStrip By: ADRP )
  • Fixed direction of DJ stand
  • Provided FULL location config for the CS-HALL resource. (Sorry, meant to do this in the first release)



V2 Updates:

CT_Drag Tree Example                                                         Custom Dino Props

Extended Finish Line


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