Cigar Bar & Lounge

30.00 USD


1/23/24 UPDATE: This update will allow you to change the images on the wall art and cigar boxes. This will only take effect on models that I have custom-made. There are some vanilla GTA props that I have used that will not be editable.  If you have already purchased and want the updated version, just go to your keymaster and re-download it.

This MLO interior is in Cigars Pipe Down's location at Zipcode: 546.



  • Bar
  • Lounge
  • Fireplace
  • Humidor Room
  • Office
  • Restrooms
  • Storage Room
  • TVs - CS-Hall Config Included (NOT THE RESOURCE, Just Config)


  • This location only has parking in the rear of the building and across the street. No front door parking without causing a traffic jam.

[Click Here For Preview]


9a40d537ae6714b8811e77b733972d6aa0030443.png 8b34519d2c55e7330f789097fdf36f72c0aa5866.png


Visit our partner JixelPatterns if you're looking for a job script that works with the MLO and gives you the ability to purchase and smoke cigars. Join their Discord for more details.


NOTE: This location uses a large collision area. Please confirm you don't have another resource being streamed within this area or have the ability to edit the collision files before purchasing.