Cigar Warehouse

15.00 USD


This location is an MLO of a cigar-rolling warehouse on Cayo Perico Island! This location offers a unique opportunity for your community to engage in the process of producing and selling cigars.

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With this MLO, you'll have access to a fully-realized cigar rolling warehouse located on Cayo Perico Island. This location offers your community roleplay and engages in the process of rolling cigars. From the intricate process of selecting the perfect tobacco leaves to the final packaging and labeling of each cigar (IDEA FOR SCRIPT, NOT INCLUDED WITH MLO), your community will have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the art of cigar production.

But that's not all - when combined with my Cigar Bar & Lounge MLO, this package offers even more exciting opportunities for roleplay and community engagement. By creating a job for your community to produce cigars at the warehouse, you can then sell those cigars at the bar. This provides a unique opportunity for players to engage in a fully-realized economy, where they can work together to produce and sell high-quality cigars.

Overall, the MLO of the cigar rolling warehouse on Cayo Perico Island is an excellent addition to any FiveM server looking to expand its roleplay offerings. With the addition of your Cigar Bar & Lounge MLO, you'll have all the tools you need to create a fully-realized economy centered around the production and sale of cigars. So why wait? Download this exciting package today and start exploring the possibilities!



  • Custom Cigar Rolling Tables
  • Native Props Allowing Everything To Setup A Job Script
  • Heli Pad Around Back For Easy Fly In Access



Visit our partner JixelPatterns if you're looking for a job script that works with the MLO and gives you the ability to purchase and smoke cigars. Join their Discord for more details.