Terms of Service

By completing a purchase through Pain's Designs, you are agreeing NOT to reproduce, resell, or share access to the products that come with any purchase through Pain's Designs without personal written permission from me. 


Can I get a refund?

All Sales Are Final Unless There  Is Something Wrong With My Work I Can't Fix. Refunds Will Not Be Granted Due To Conflicts With Other Resources Used In Your Server. Please Confirm Before Committing To Purchase At Checkout.

What happens after a purchase of an interior?

When you complete your order, an email will be sent that includes a download of the resource that you purchased. The links will be updated with any future changes or fixes.

How do I install the interior on my server?

Download the resource from the link you received in your email, un-zip the file and move it to your FiveM resource folder then edit your config file to start/ensure it.

Are your maps protected/locked?

Yes, my resources are protected using FiveM/Tebex Escrow protection unless stated otherwise.

Will you do requests or custom orders?

Usually, I decline to do custom orders depending on the request. I have a full-time job with limited time.

Do the MLOs only work with FiveM servers?

I only test my work with FiveM builds. I do not support or guarantee they work on other platforms.